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Bahra Cables Company, with headquarters located in the industrial city of Bahra, has become one of the leading companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has rapidly built a fine reputation for manufacturing its high quality wiring and cabling products.

The company which started from humble beginnings since its inception in 2008 has grown to become one of the largest independent maker and distributors of industrial Wires and Power Cable products including Cable accessories.

The quality products and services it offers have made the company known and recognized highly by all its customers for their exceptional quality assurance, outstanding products and excellence in customer service.

The main markets serviced by Bahra Cables Company are Saudi Arabia and the countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC).

The company serves the needs of many industrial companies engaged in the field of real estate construction, electric utilities, transport, petro-chemical and marine industries, oil and gas, aero and shipbuilding industries, telecommunications, medical, automotive industries and supplies a wide selection from standard to Power Cables, Wire products and accessories to many distributors in the industrial sector domestically in Saudi Arabia and outside of the Kingdom.

The Cables produced by Bahra Cables Company are compliant to the standards maintained by both American standards (UL, ANSI and ICEA) and European standards (IEC, BS, NF and VDE specifications).

The Visionaries

Headed by a team of visionaries and movers, the management has taken a focused approach to managing the team members and associates working at Bahra Cables Company. With a lean vertical management structure designed to integrate with it’s highly developed IT-base structure, ideas and information flow freely between movers and shakers in this rapidly growing enterprise.

The healthy and continuous flow of information between all players helps facilitate timely and important results to any given situation. This strategy helped shaped the many quality products the company has developed over its young years of operation.

The same strategy has provided the impetus for the transformation of many team member’s ideas becoming innovative solutions to the growing services that the company is giving to many happy customers. The same approach has allowed for the management and staff of Bahra Cables Company to operate differently and be distinguished from many of its industry competitors.

Our Mission:

To consistently deliver our commitment in providing excellence in all our Wire and Cable products to the local market and the world and continuously delight our customers with timely delivery of our products and services at all times.

Our Vision:

To become the leading Wire, Cable and Cable accessory manufacturing company in the Middle East that is constantly dedicated to delivering the best of high quality cabling products and services to all our customers.

The Factory

True to its objective to serve the needs of many industrial firms all over Saudi Arabia and GCC, Bahra Cables Company created a specialized unit called Bahra Cables Factory. An important investment made by the owners to give in to the growing expansion stance taken by the company and made to primarily meet the increased demands in the production of Wires and Cables whilst allowing the company to also meet swift satisfy the growing distribution demands of their manufactured products.

Factory Area

The expansive Bahra Cables Factory was built spanning over 300,000 square meters of prime manufacturing land space in the city of Bahra, just 25km from Jeddah. The built area comprising of offices and manufacturing plant is over 30,000 sqm. The factory extension which is currently under construction measures over 20,000 sqm. Furthermore, a sizeable area spanning more than 20,000 sqm area is allocated mainly for the materials and product storage.

The sprawling multi-purpose factory also houses the company’s associate design offices, laboratories and huge storage area. Equipped with the latest in high technology machineries in the manufacture of solid and high quality Wires and Power Cables, the management considers this investment essential in ensuring top class quality Wires, Cables and Accessories are developed and distributed to the market.

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