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Product Catalogues

Bahra Cables Product Catalogues provide complete details for all cables and wires, manufactured. An Online Quotation Request Form for products is also available.

The following Catalogues cover complete range of HV Cables, MV Cables, LV Cables, Building Wires, Fire Resistant Cables and LSF0H Wires & Cables manufactured by Bahra Cables Company.

NEXT UPDATE: Catalogues for Control Cables and OHTL Cables.

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HV Copper Cables

HV Aluminum Cables

MV Copper Cables

MV Aluminum Cables

LV Copper Cables

LV Aluminum Cables

Fire Resistant Wires

Fire Resistant Cables

Insulated Conductor

LSF0H Cables

American Standard

British Standard
Stranded Conductor

British Standard
Solid Conductor

British Standard
Flexible Wire

British Standard
Flexible Cable
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