Bahra Cables Company provides the following Heat Shrink Technology for Cables Accessories:

Heat shrink tubing is a mechanically expanded extruded plastic tube ordinarily made of nylon or polyolefin, which shrinks in one plane only (its diameter) when heated to between one-half and one-sixth of its diameter. Heat shrink tubing is manufactured in a multitude of varieties and chemical makeups with the exact composition of each type being dependent on the intended application. Heat shrink tubing is rated by its expansion ratio, a comparison of the differences in expansion and recovery rate. Heat shrink is used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and termination in electrical engineering. It can also be used to repair the insulation on wires or to bundle them together, to protect wires or small parts from minor abrasion, and to create cable entry seals, offering environmental sealing protection.


  • Low-Voltage Joints
  • Medium-Voltage Joints
  • Low-Voltage Terminations
  • Medium-Voltage Terminations
  • Medium-Voltage Switchgear Connection Systems
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